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Couch Cleaning Services Tampa FL

This video shows Chem-Dry of Tampa FL's couch cleaning service in action. This white sofa had some serious soil build up and needed to be deep cleaned using our hot carbonated extraction cleaning process. After vacuuming the couch we apply our foaming upholstery cleaner and scrubbed it into the surface. Since this sofa was nearly white we used a second pre-spray to penetrate and emulsify the layers of soil that had built up over time, making it easier to extract. Then using the power of our patented hot carbonated solution, The Natural, we extracted the couch slowly to bring back the original color.

This particular couch cleaning in Tampa FL brought dramatic results because the sofa was upholstered in a nearly white fabric, so it showed soil easily. This also made it a more difficult cleaning. A lot of preparation was done to make sure the soil would release completely without over wetting the sofa. Chem-Dry's hot carbonated couch cleaning service is designed to be a low moisture steam cleaning alternative that's very effective and dry's quickly so your furniture is at a lower risk of bacteria and mold growth. Because carbonation is such a powerful cleaner it doesn't take much to removes layers of soil and grime.

Even though there was a lot of preparation involved, these results are typical for our couch cleaning services. Even heavily soiled furniture can be resurrected to like new condition.

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