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Cubicle Cleaning Tampa FL

Are you tired of staring at that coffee stain on your cubicle wall every day? Feel like no matter how much you clean our your work space it's still not clean? Well, we do cubicle cleaning in Tampa FL and we can get rid of that horrible stain and make your work environment feel fresh and healthy again. 

These before and after photos were from a recent cubicle cleaning job in Tampa FL. We were there to clean the carpets but the office manager said she was tired of the stains on a few of there cubicles. We told her not to worry we would take care of them so they wouldn't be a problems anymore.

Most cubicle panels are stretched polyester screens over hollow steel frames. If a lot of liquid is spilled on them it can travel to the bottom of the frame and start to pool. In most cases it leaves unsightly stains on both the top and the bottom of the cubicle wall. The good new is that it's pretty easy to remove, if your using the right cleaning solution.

Using some of Chem-Dry of Tampa FL's World Famous Spot Remover we were able to make quick work of these coffee stains that had traveled down the inside of the cubicle wall and  settled in the bottom corner. The office manager was shocked at how easily we removed the stains. She was so impressed she had us clean a couple more.

If you need cubicle cleaning in Tampa FL, call Chem-Dry of Tampa.