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DIY Carpet Cleaner Tampa FL

This video is for a DIY carpet cleaner that only hints at the ingredients used to make the cleaner dubbed "Miracle carpet cleaner." The video doesn't mention the amounts of each ingredient that needs to be mixed into the DIY carpet cleaner.  As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I can tell you that this homemade solution has way too much soap in it. It seems to have a ton of foam when applied to the carpet and will most likely result in a sticky residue that will attract dirt as fast as it removed it.  

The end result in the video is not that impressive either. You can still see the red sauce on the surface of the carpet, and  this clean up results in a larger spot then the original spill. The final insult is the way the they scrub at the spot while toweling it up.  They smear the sauce around in the carpet only to push the spot deeper into the carpet.

There is no  problem with using a DIY carpet cleaner to remove spots as soon as they happen. There are many household ingredients that do a good of cleaning in a pinch. Below is a recipe that works great:

DIY Carpet Cleaner

2 cups of water (carbonated water is even better) 2 tbsp of vinegar 7 drops of dish soap

These three ingredients make a powerful carpet cleaner that will get out most water based stains quickly without leaving a sticky residue in the carpet. Remember to blot the spot after applying the cleaning solution, don't rub it into the carpet like they do in the video.

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