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DIY Pet Odor Elimination Tampa FL

As a professional carpet cleaner I watch a lot of videos online to see what people DIY for cleaning their carpet. Pet odor elimination is one of the biggest challenges in keeping your carpet clean. Most carpet manufacturers void their carpet warranty if there are pet urine deposits in their carpet.  They consider the carpet damaged.  This video on DIY pet odor elimination hits on major problem most people have when they clean up pet urine.  They only treat the carpet and not the layers under neath where the hidden problem is.  

My Tampa FL customers who have pet odor issues tell me they clean the urine spots while they are wet but they still have an odor after cleaning.  That's because they haven't cleaned under the carpet.  This video has a neat idea on getting cleaner under the carpet but it's really not necessary to use your turkey infuser to clean under the carpet.  

The trick is to pour the urine treatment onto the carpet and let it sit so it can soak into the carpet pad underneath. 

Here are my recommended steps:

  1. Quickly soak up the wet urine with a towel or paper towels.
  2. Pour your preferred urine treatment on the effected area in a circular pattern starting from the outside working inward.
  3. Step on the spot so the urine treatment will get into the pad underneath.
  4. Wait 10 to 20 minutes. Use a wet/dry vacuum, or a carpet cleaning machine, or a few towels to remove the excess pet urine treatment.
  5. Let air dry.

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