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Deep Down Carpet Cleaning in Tampa FL


So you’re considering hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL but your carpets look fairly clean. You ask yourself “Are they really that dirty?” Then you say “They look pretty good, I think it can go a few more months before getting them cleaned again.”  Most of us wait as long as possible between carpet cleanings and assume that if we can’t see dirt then there’s no need to have them cleaned. There’s one problem though, there is dirt down there and lots of it. 

If you have a berber or short fiber carpet you can see the soil build up over time, but if you have a longer fiber carpet, like shag or frieze carpets, you won’t be able to see the dirt as easily. The rule of thumb in carpet cleaning is if you can see dirt on the surface there is a lot more below.  Carpets are like big filters for our homes. They trap all the air born dirt and then push it downward. Every step on your carpet pushes more dirt to the bottom of the fibers.  This is great for people with air born allergies, but the soil builds up rapidly creating a great food source for bacteria and other nasty things. 

But you say “I vacuum twice a week and clean up spots as quickly as I find them. My carpet’s very clean.” You’re correct, regular vacuuming and maintenance is a great place to start, but a professional carpet cleaning should be a part of your regular maintenance.  Unless you have a professional carpet cleaning machine at home you’re not getting the deep down dirt out of your carpet.

If you look at the before and after pictures in this article you can see how much deep down dirt there is in the average carpet after 6 months.  We took a picture of our XTS carpet cleaner before we left on our cleaning route, and then another immediately after the first job of the day. This customer had their carpets cleaned only six months prior, can you imagine how much soil was in our waste tank. Yuck.

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