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Dog Odor Eliminator Tampa FL

This video on how to make your own dog odor eliminator using baking soda, water, and essential oils to remove dog odors from all surfaces in your home.  I remove odors professionally and I can tell you the science behind this DIY dog odor eliminator does not work. 

Baking soda is an excellent odor absorbent, but it's a terrible urine neutralizer. Essential oils are excellent at adding a better odor to areas to mask smells but they do not neutralize odors or urine.  

Water is the universal solvent, but it cannot remove dried urine crystals once they have corrupted the surface they are on.  They need to be neutralized in place.  

Unfortunately the science just doesn't add up for this particular dog odor eliminator.  It may smell better for a short amount of time but the urine and dog odors will return after a short amount of time.

For urine odors to be eliminated they need to be neutralized.  Only an enzymatic cleaner or a highly oxygenated cleaner can neutralize urine on both hard and soft surfaces.  I have serviced thousands of Tampa FL homes with dog odors and the only way to eliminate them for good is to use a professional grade odor eliminator.  

I have seen baking soda water mixtures along with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixtures fail to neutralize dog odors.  There is also the ever popular baking soda and vinegar mixtures that have no hope of removing odors in your home. The mixture in this video has a slightly elevated pH and could damage the color in upholstery and other soft surfaces. Make sure to test a small area before using it.

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