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Dry Carpet Cleaner Tampa FL

This video explains the benefits of hot carbonated extraction provided by Chem-Dry of Tampa FL. The benefits are much more then just fast dry times. Our dry carpet cleaner is amazingly powerful . In the video they mix dirt and cooking oil together and then brush it into unprotected white carpet.  This is extreme version of what gets deposited in carpets from daily use. Brushing it into the carpet simulates traffic and repeated distribution that tales place in the average home.  

The dry carpet cleaner being used is not completely dry, but there is 80% less moisture used then your typical steam cleaner. Dry times are on average about two hours.  That means extremely dirty carpets can be cleaned without soaking the pad underneath. In Tampa FL where we have a lot of humidity it can take days for carpets to dry with typical steam cleaning methods. Chem-Dry of Tampa's dry carpet cleaning method eliminates problems with excess humidity. 

One of the other major benefits of the Chem-Dry hot carbonated extraction cleaning system is lack of soaps or degreasers used in the cleaning process.  That means there are no dirt attracting residues left behind in the carpet. Carpet stay cleaner longer with less chance of re-soiling. 

For dry carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.