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Dry Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

I like a lot of what this carpet cleaner has to say except for one glaring mistake.  I think he is trying hard to simplify some of the cleaning methods by saying there are only three types of carpet cleaning methods. He says there is steam cleaning, hot water extraction, and bonnet cleaning, but there are other methods out there as well.  As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I have seen a lot of different methods far more then the three he mentions.  

He actually only  mentions two cleaning methods. The carpet cleaning industry looks at steam cleaning and hot water extraction as the same type of cleaning and refer to it as hot water extraction.  Hot water extraction is what is shown in the video. Hot water is sprayed on the carpet with high pressure and then extracted with a carpet cleaning wand.  It does not matter whether its extracted using a portable or a truck mounted vacuum, its still hot water extraction.

The second cleaning method he mentions is bonnet cleaning.  Bonnet cleaning is when a cleaning solution is sprayed on the carpet and then a cleaning bonnet is used to soak up the cleaning solution and the emulsified soil. It can do a very good job of cleaning short pile carpet and carpet squares in a commercial setting.  Bonnet cleaning is not something I would use for residential cleaning.  

I agree that the person doing the carpet cleaning is more important then the method of cleaning. 

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