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Dry Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

As a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL, you try not to limit yourself to one method of carpet cleaning.  At Chem-Dry of Tampa, we offer different cleaning methods based on the type and condition of your carpet. We always strive to find a solution that will bring on the best results while minimizing the amount of moisture applied to any carpet. When it comes to commercial carpets we prefer to use an encapsulation method of carpet cleaning that is considered an extremely low moisture carpet cleaning. With a dry time of 45 minutes, it's as close to dry carpet cleaning as possible while maximizing the cleaning result.  

The pictures above are from an encapsulation cleaning that shows how even coffee stains can be removed with a dry carpet cleaning method.  Chem-Dry of Tampa FL has been using this method of cleaning for several years and our commercial customers are thrilled to have the carpet cleaned without disrupting their work environment.  With practically no dry times this powerful method of carpet cleaning is amazing.

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