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Dry Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This video from do it on a dime shows how to make a powder for dry carpet cleaning. The only problem is that baking soda with essence oils do not have any carpet cleaning ability, nor can it get rid of any carpet smells. As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I deal with odors in dirty carpets on a daily basis and I say with certainty that the powder in this video does not clean your carpet at all.

Any time you add dry or wet material to a carpet you will not be able to remove it completely. when adding dry material, like baking soda, to carpet some of it will remain in the carpet after vacuuming. So you are effectively adding more soil to the carpet then you are removing. When a wet solution is applied to carpet, as long as that solution is free of debris, it will evaporate and not add to the carpet.

This is where dry carpet cleaning eventually fails. using a dry substrate to clean carpet will ultimately add more material without effectively removing the most damaging debris in the carpet, sand. In Tampa FL the primary soil I pull from carpets when cleaning is sand. Sand gets into carpet and starts to scratch the carpet fibers and wear the carpet out. The best way to remove sand is to suspend it in a liquid solution and then extract it with a powerful vacuum.  

At Chem-Dry of Tampa we use a carbonated cleaning solution to remove sand and other soils from your carpet.  The carbonation lifts the soil to the surface where it can easily be removed without over wetting the carpet fibers. A powerful carpet cleaning that drys in a matter of hours not days.

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