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Dry Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

Dry carpet cleaning, be careful what you wish for. These photos are of the extraction heads of our carpet cleaning equipment after cleaning a Tampa FL carpet that had previously been cleaned with a dry carpet cleaning system called Host. The idea behind the host cleaning system is that this sawdust like material, called sponges, are sprinkled onto the carpet and brushed into place to distribute them evenly.  After the host material is applied it soaks up the soil like a sponge. It's then extracted by vacuuming it up.  

I can say that it does remove soil from the carpet, but at a cost. As powerful as today's vacuums are you can still only remove about 80% of the soil and debris in today's carpets. That means if you're spreading dry material into your carpet you will be leaving 20% of that material behind. How clean can you get a carpet if it's leaving a sawdust like material behind in the carpet for years. These pictures don't show the magnitude of material that was sucked up into our extraction equipment.  I was shocked to see how much material was in our tank and filter. 

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we use a wet method of cleaning that is very low moisture.  Our hot carbonated extraction cleaning service removes 98% of common household allergens and dries in about 2 hours. Are cleaning service leaves no dirt attracting residue and the cleaning solution dries leaving nothing behind.  Consider us a dry carpet cleaning service in your area.

For dry carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.