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Floor Cleaning Tampa FL

As a professional floor cleaner in Tampa FL I get asked "What's the best way to clean my floors?" This video on floor cleaning gives great advice for cleaning your hard surface floors.  Most Hard Surface floors should be cleaned with just water.  That's right just water. Wood floors are really one of the most difficult floors to keep clean. They require constant and daily cleaning.  

The floor cleaning technique in the video is an excellent way to safely clean your floors without over doing it.  Strong chemical cleaners, even ones that are designed for wood floors, can damage flooring over time. 

I have seen plenty of videos online about floor cleaning that recommend dish soap and water.  Dish soap is a high alkaline cleaner that should never be used on a wood floor.  They can strip wax coatings and leave a  sticky residue that only attracts more soil. That soap residue can tracked from one room to another making the adjacent areas dirtier as well.  

As a floor cleaner I have been telling people for years the only thing to keep your floors clean is water.  Even steam can damage wood floors and I don't recommend steam mops. 

Tile floors are more durable then wood floors but they suffer from the same sticky soap residues from most floor cleaners.  Even tile and grout can be cleaned with just water if it's done often enough. A quick every day pass is still the best cleaning regiment.  It takes less than 5 minutes if you do it like its done in the video.  Every once in awhile consider getting your floors professionally cleaned.  

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