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Getting Oil Out Of Upholstery Tampa FL

This is a video I made some years ago on how to get oil out of upholstery.  Believe it or not, I still use this Grease And Oil Remover on just about every upholstery cleaning job I do.  I clean upholstery professionally in Tampa FL and this is my goto cleaner for anything oily.  It easily pulls oil-based spots from soft surfaces. It's gentle enough to use on natural fibers like cotton coverings on sofas and chairs.  

It's so easy to use, just spray it on, wait a few seconds and then blot it up with a clean white towel. In the video, you can see how it tackled this greasy lotion stain on the chair.  In the comments, one viewer said that the area that was cleaned still looked dark. I replied by saying he was correct the area was still dark because the fabric was still damp.  Until it dried out completely the are was darker. Once it dried everything looked fine.  

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