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Green Carpet Cleaner Tampa FL

Would you trust a carpet cleaner to clean this room without knowing what was in their cleaning solution?  We trust major cleaning brands to keep us safe while effectively cleaning.  We trust businesses to do the right thing even though we know that they seldom do.  I'm a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I guarantee you that I know whats in my cleaning solutions. I get sprayed and splashed with my cleaning solutions on a daily basis. That's good enough reason to make sure what I use to clean is safe and green certified, but I feel good knowing what I use is safe for my customers and their family. I make sure to have all the material and safety data sheets (MSDS) in my truck in case a customer wants to know exactly whats going into their carpet.

I implore you to do your research before hiring a carpet cleaner.  Make sure they know information about what they use to clean. Make sure their cleaning solutions are safe and should be used in carpets. I can tell you some carpet cleaners will use all sorts of cleaners that are not designed for carpets, because its more cost effective.

I use green certified carpet cleaners on all my carpet cleaning jobs.  Green carpet cleaners are very effective and are safe for homeowners and the environment.  There is no need to play guessing games with whats cleaning your carpet in Tampa FL.

Call a green carpet cleaner in Tampa FL like Chem-Dry of Tampa.