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Green Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

I'm a big fan of carpet cleaning videos online.  This one showcasing a green carpet cleaning setup is interesting because it shows you the PSI and temperature they are cleaning at.  This is a great video showing how a traditional steam cleaning system works. This particular green carpet cleaning company is using Hot water extraction, or steam cleaning, as it's some times called. They don't actually clean with steam. The steam you see coming out of the cleaning wand is a by product of the hot water being used. They rinse with water that is over 200 degrees fahrenheit and pressurized to 400 PSI.  Because they are using such high pressure they can clean the carpet with really hot water that has turned to steam.  

It does a great job of removing tough soils in carpet, but it does end up getting the carpet pad wet underneath.  The more pressure is used the water is used during the cleaning process.  A lot of that hot water cannot be extracted and ends up being left behind in the carpet. That leads to longer dry times and can cause some secondary problems. 

I clean carpets professionally in the Tampa FL area using a green certified cleaning solution at low pressure.  The green carpet cleaning system I use is low moisture and uses 80% water then traditional steam cleaners.  I get carpets extremely clean with out long dry times.  Our average dry time is about 2 hours for most carpets.  If you're looking for a green carpet cleaning in Tampa FL give me a call.

For green carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.