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Grout Cleaning Service Tampa FL

Here is a quick snippet of Chem-Dry of Tampa FL's grout cleaning service.  This was small bathroom floor that needed a little TLC. The grout had been cleaned professionally several years ago, but needed to be freshened up. 

The cleaning technician is using a hand spinner that pressure washes the grout at 1200psi. Using pressurized water spray is a great way to remove stubborn dirt from your grout, but our grout cleaning service is more involved then that.  Each grout is sprayed with Chem-Dry's tile and stone cleaning solution, then scrubbed with a floor brush. After it has been given a chance to dwell it's then cleaned with a grout spinner, like the one seen in the video. You can hear the rotating spray jets humming as the grout is pressure washed.  You can also hear the vacuum sucking up all of the dirt that has been blasted from the grout.  

Between the grout cleaning solution and the pressure of the grout spinning extractor you get an excellent clean.  Here's the kicker we also seal the grout after cleaning so your grout stays cleaner longer.  In Tampa FL tile flooring is on the rise in many homes. It's a great update to older homes and a popular choice for newly built homes as well.  

Sealing the grout insures that the grout doesn't get stained and makes it easier to maintain with regular cleanings. Next time you're considering getting on your hands and knees with a tooth brush to clean your tile floor, think twice and call us instead.

If you need a grout cleaning service in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.