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Grout Cleaning Service Tampa FL

This is not our best tile and grout cleaning video but it still shows how good Chem-Dry of Tampa's grout cleaning service really is.  Most of us don't take into account the soil build up on our grout lines. It happens subtly over time.  Even with regular cleaning, the build-up on the grout lines will start to darken and make the grout look blotchy.  

Chem-Dry of Tampa FL has a grout cleaning service that really knocks the embedded dirt right out. Our grout cleaning solution is designed to break down even the toughest greasy soils for easy extraction.  We don't stop there. After the grout cleaning solution is applied it's scrubbed in for maximum effect. Then the grout is pressure washed at 1000 PSI blasting the loosened soil out of the grout. Powerful vacuums suck up the wet soil and leave the grout clean and near dry.  

The final step is to apply a grout penetrating sealer that helps maintain the grout and prevents it from getting dirty again. We can also apply a grout colorant that seals the grout while changing the appearance of your floor. Have you ever wanted to change the color of your grout? We can do that for you. With many colors to choose from, we can make your tile floor look completely different. The color sealant is semi-permanent and does not have to be reapplied.  

For grout cleaning service in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.