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Grout Cleaning Service Tampa FL

Looking for a grout cleaning service in Tampa FL? Take a look at what you can expect from Chem-Dry of Tampa's grout cleaning service. This video shows how Chem-Dry blows away dirt and grime from the grout lines leaving the grout looking like new. With their proprietary tile and grout cleaning solution, TG12, Chem-Dry of Tampa can remove the toughest and greasiest soils in your kitchen and other tiled areas.

Most grout in the united states is sand based and extremely porous. Using a pressure washing spinner every line of grout gets a 1200 PSI burst of solution that literally washes the soil right of your grout. It removes years of built up dirt, grease, and other stains restoring your grout to like new condition.

After your grout is thoroughly cleaned and dried it's sealed to make sure the dirt stays out. Chem-Dry's grout cleaning service includes a penetrating sealant service that makes your grout water proof. Spills will bead up without soaking in, allowing you time to clean it before your grout is stained. Clean tile and grout floors that stay clean what more could you ask for.

If your looking for a grout cleaning service in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.

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