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Grout Cleaning Tampa FL

This video shows how good Chem-Dry's grout cleaning service really is. You can see the grout go from dingy brown to a beautiful cream color in just one pass of the pressure washer extractor. Chem-Dry's tile and stone cleaning is a powerful set of tools and solutions that transform dingy tile and stained grout into a shiny new surface.  Chem-Dry of Tampa provides this grout cleaning service in the Tampa FL area. Our results are amazing.

Using industry standard cleaning equipment we apply Chem-Dry's powerful tile and stone cleaning solution and scrub into the grout lines. Then after letting it dwell on the surface for 10 minutes we use a powerful tile and grout cleaning head to remove the soil and grime from all the grout lines and tiles face. As you can see from the video above it not only blows away the soil on the grout it sucks it up, leaving no dirty water on the surface. There is a lot of dirty tile and grout in Tampa FL and we know how to make it clean again.  

Not only do we clean your grout we also seal it to insure that it stays clean for years to come. Our grout sealer penetrates the grout and protects it from within. This means it wont get scratched or buffed out prematurely. A lot of grout cleaning companies will use a non penetrating coating to seal grout. These coatings fail after a short period of time due to wear and high traffic. We do not recommend putting a coating on your grout because it attract soils an make your grout look dingy and unclean. Our grout sealant keeps the dirt out and leaves you with a beautiful shiny floor.

For grout cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.