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Heavily Soiled Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

These images are from a heavily soiled carpet cleaning in Tampa FL. Chem-Dry of Tampa performed the cleaning using our hot carbonated extraction cleaning method to remove the heavy soil. Walkways and hallways can be difficult to keep clean, especially when they go from one surface to another.  Chem-Dry offers a solution to heavily soiled hallway carpets.  Our low moisture steam cleaning removes dirt with the power of carbonation.  Millions of tiny bubbles suspended in our cleaning solution scrub the carpet fibers loosening up the soil for easier extraction.  This method of cleaning has the added benefit of cleaning with very little moisture.  Your carpet will come clean without having to wait two days for it to dry.  

When dealing with heavily soiled carpet cleaning Chem-Dry of Tampa FL uses a specialized extractor that makes several cleaning passes while agitating the carpet to ensure maximum cleaning ability.  With our powerful hot carbonated cleaner and our rotating extractor, we can perform heavily soiled carpet cleanings with great success.

For heavily soiled carpet cleaning in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.