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Heavily Soiled Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

Dig down six inches anywhere in Tampa FL and you will hit sand. That sand finds a way into your home and carpet. Over time it works down to the bottom of the carpet and starts to erode your carpet fibers creating permanent damage. The best way to handle sand in the carpet is to get it professionally cleaned twice a year.

Have you noticed dark pathways in your carpet leading from room to room? This is known as traffic lane grey.  It's a build of soil and sand from repeatedly walking over the same areas in a room and it can be an indicator that your carpet is heavily soiled.  The best way to prevent this build up is to change the way you walk through your home. Changing the furniture placement is a great way to do that. Another way to avoid traffic lane grey is to not wear shoes in the house. Your mom always told you to take off our shoes when coming inside. She was right.

If you have traffic lane grey you might need a heavily soiled carpet cleaning done by a professional carpet cleaner. The photo above shows the before and after of this type of carpet cleaning. its pretty easy to distinguish the cleaned area and the heavily soiled carpet. If you feel like your carpet is beyond cleaning consider this photograph as proof that most heavily soiled carpets can be cleaned.

If your in need of a heavily soiled carpet cleaning call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL for a free estimate.