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Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaning Tampa FL

This video of a heavy duty carpet cleaning shows the power of a rotary extractor.  Most Chem-Dry franchises use a rotary extractor on commercial and residential carpets.  There are very few carpets that can't be cleaned using a rotary extractor.  

At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we have always used a rotary extractor on our heavy duty cleaning jobs.  They make many more passes and agitate the carpet to loosen embedded soils. It's like having 5 guys cleaning your carpet at once. 

We decided a long time ago to use a rotary extractor on our residential jobs as well.  It's a no compromise philosophy, were we wanted to provide the best cleaning possible, using the best tools possible.  

In this video you see the power of a rotary extractor on tough ground in soil on a commercial carpet. A heavy duty pre spray is used to emulsify the soil in the carpet and make it easier to remove.  You can also see the amount of heat being used as steam comes out from under the extractor.  The machine in the video is a little off balance as it wobbles back and forth as it cleans.  The good news is even with the wobble it will still clean exceptionally well.  

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