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Homemade Carpet Cleaner New Port Richey FL

This video shows you how to make a homemade carpet cleaner using baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap.  Although the reporter in the video gives this carpet cleaner a bad review, it works well if applied correctly. 

The solution mixture was correct but its application to the stain was poorly executed. Baking soda does have some odor absorbing properties, but if the carpet spot does not smell it serves little purpose.  We suggest skipping the first step all together.

In New Port Richey FL we have a lot of sand so it’s important to vacuum the carpet well.  Using slow repeated passes vacuum the area several times to make sure you remove as much insoluble dirt as possible.  Brushing to separate the carpet fibers is a good second step. It will help loosen the remaining soil and allow the cleaner to penetrate the spot better.

The next step is crucial.  Dab a clean white towel into the carpet cleaning solution without soaking the entire towel. Then dab the spot with the towel. You don’t want to soak the carpet just get it damp and allow the homemade carpet cleaner to work into the spot.  Using another dry towel dab the carpet spot and look for dirt and soil to move from the carpet to the towel.  Do not rub or scrub the carpet, it will just push the spot deeper into the carpet. Wait about 30 seconds.

Then you can use clean water to rinse the spot from the carpet.  Again, just dab a towel into clean water and then press it into the spot to remove the cleaning solution. Last use another dry towel and remove the rinse from the carpet.  Try and get the spot as dry as possible.

If the spot does not come out of the carpet it’s time to call a professional carpet cleaner. Call Chem-Dry of Tampa in New Port Richey FL to remove all your carpet spots and stains.