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Homemade Carpet Cleaner Tampa FL

This video shows you how to use a Tide Pod to create a home made carpet cleaner for use in your Bissell Big Green Machine. I'm just going to tell you without mincing words, Don't use Tide Pods in your carpet cleaning machine no matter what brand of machine you have.  Tide Pods are designed for use in a washing machine that thoroughly rinses out all the Tide during the rinsing cycle. Your carpet cleaner cannot rinse your carpet deeply enough to clean out the Tide soaps.  

All washing machine detergents are loaded with soaps and surfactants that are designed to be rinsed out by submerging the article of clothing under clean water and having the water pass through the material. As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I wish that I could say I could clean that thoroughly, but carpet cleaning is topical cleaning only.  Even a truck mounted carpet cleaning machine can not pull out the amount of soap that is deposited by washing machine detergents. 

I've seen a lot of videos online on how to make your own homemade carpet cleaner for carpet cleaning machines.  My recommendation is to use a carpet cleaner that is designed for your machine. Using anything else could lead to bigger problems that could cost more than the price of the carpet cleaning solution.  

In the end the author of this video pinned a comment to this video saying not to use Tide Pods to clean your carpet. 

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