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Homemade Urine Stain Remover Tampa FL

So your searching for a homemade urine stain remover online.  I have run across several and I can tell you that almost all of them fail miserably at the task of removing urine stains.  Here is a list of the most popular ingredients for homemade urine stain removers:


Baking soda 

Hydrogen peroxide

I have seen it over and aver again. Too many concoctions with little to no science behind them.  I'll break them down so you can understand why they don't work individually or mixed together.

Vinegar: is known to have some anti-bacterial properties and has the opposite pH of per urine.  It's also used as a mild deodorizer.  Where it fails at removing urine stains is it's inability to stop the off gassing of ammonia released by the urine crystals.  It does not neutralize urine but it can reduce some of the bacteria feeding on the urine crystals.

Baking Soda: Is know for it's ability to absorb odors. It can be used successfully to remove surface odors that have been left behind in small amounts.  Urine continuously off gasses ammonia as water is absorbed by the urine crystals. If urine crystals are present it will still off gas. Once the baking soda is removed the smell will come back.

Hydrogen Peroxide: It's known for it's sterilization and cleaning properties.  It is a good oxidizer  as well. It can blow apart some odor molecules but it will fail on urine odor removal.

For a homemade urine stain remover I recommend mixing sodium percarbonate and water together.  It works amazing well and is perfectly safe for your home and family. 

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