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How To Clean An Area Rug Tampa FL

Please watch this video on how to clean an area rug and then don't do it this way.  I'm a professional rug cleaner living in Tampa FL and after several years of area rug cleaning I still run into challenges with all types of rugs.

If you want to clean your area rug yourself do the research on your particular rug first.  Knowing the materials and dyes used to make the rug in the first place will go a long way in helping you clean it safely.  

There are many different types of rugs out there and some can be cleaned easily and some can be very tricky to clean without damaging the rug.  If your not sure what type of area rug you have, then I do not recommend cleaning yourself.  Area rugs are not carpet and are not manufactured like carpet. so they should not be cleaned like carpet.

Never use as too much soap. In this video that rug cleaner is using a mixture of water and powdered laundry soap.  Laundry soap is designed to be used in a washing machine where clothes are submerged and rinsed thoroughly. That cannot be done on patio with a pressure washer.  High pressure cleaning is done on a solid surfaces not soft materials like rugs.

Area rugs are woven articles that can be weakened and damaged by high pressure. The rug being cleaned in the video has been damaged by previous high pressure cleanings.  The tassels have been damaged and  can dramatically shorten the life of the rug.  Yes, The rug in the video is clean but at what cost in the long run.

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