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How To Deodorize Carpet Tampa FL

This video goes over a simple way to deodorize carpet. There are many carpet deodorizing powders out on the market and most of them have the same ingredient, baking soda.  So why not skip the flowery perfumes found in those carpet deodorizing powders and go straight for good old fashioned baking soda.  

The video suggest using a fine strainer to help distribute the baking soda more easily. A flour mill is another great way apply it to your carpet.  As a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I use more powerful methods for deodorizing carpet, including sanitizing carpet and killing bacteria. This video shows you how to take care of mild non persistent odors in the home without a lot of work or added cost.

This video does suggest something that needs to be corrected. It's implied that the baking soda will help keep your carpet cleaner, but it doesn't. Baking soda does absorb odors but it does not have cleaning properties in its dry state.  It can be added to other liquids to enhance cleaning ability but it's not a cleaner by itself.  If this baking soda trick does not help eliminate the odors in your carpet it might be time to bring in a professional odor specialist to help solve your odor problem.  

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