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How To Get Pet Odors Out Of Upholstery Tampa FL

This video shows you the process a professional upholstery cleaner uses to get pet odors out of upholstery.  He starts out by talking about the main two types of odors pets leave in upholstery, musky dog odors and urine odors. Both odors have their challenges and have to be treated differently.  I clean upholstery in Tampa FL and I deal with upholstery odors on a daily basis.  Most of my customers call and say their furniture smells like a dog.

The first thing I do when cleaning upholstery is a deep dry vacuum of the furniture to get the pet hair off the surface. Getting the pet hair off the upholstery takes care of a lot of that musky pet odor.  Dogs and cats have a lot of oils in their fur.  It helps to keep them clean and makes sure they stay healthy without having to take a bath.  The problem is those oils transfer easily to soft furniture coverings, like cotton or polyester. Those will have to be removed with an oil removing pre-spray and then a wet extraction of the upholstery.

PEt urine is a different story.  In this video, the cleaning technician is removing pet urine by flushing water through the chair and then neutralizing the urine with an enzyme treatment afterward.  This will work in some cases but flooding upholstery with water has a tendency to move urine deeper into the cushions.  I prefer to use a urine oxidizer to destroy the urine from within without having to soak the upholstery. As long as when the cleaning is done there is no urine smell that is all that matters.

To remove pet odors from your upholstery in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.