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How To Remove Makeup Stains Tampa FL

Dont's follow the adive in this video called how to remove makeup stains from carpet. I am a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I can tell you with great confidence that the video host just did more harm than good to her carpet. Adding straight dish soap and scrubbing it in without extracting is going to guarantee she has big dark spots on her carpet in about 3 weeks, depending on foot traffic over the spots. Every time someone steps on one of those cleaning spots the carpet is going to collect dirt from all the dish soap residue still in her carpet.

If you want to remove makeup stains out of your carpet, try this instead.

2 cups of room temperature water and half a scoop of OxiClean mixed together thoroughly.  

Pour the mixture around the spots moving toward the center until they are completely covered.

Wait 30 seconds for the spot tp be broken down.  

Start blotting with a clean white terry or microfiber cloth.

repeat as necessary.  

This method of cleaning will remove the makeup stains without leaving a dirt-attracting residue behind. If you're a die-hard dish soap fan you can mix 2 cups of dish soap and add 8 drops of dish soap for cleaning.  Yes, 8 drops to 2 cups of water, no more than that is needed to break down the makeup. Never add straight dish soap to your carpet it will only make it worse in the end.

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