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How To Remove Pet Urine Tampa FL

This video is pretty amazing. I don't have wood floors anymore because they are difficult to maintain and there are a lot of alternatives surfaces that look like wood floors.  I get this question at work all the time " How do you remove pet urine from wood floors?" I treat and neutralize pet urine stains for a living here in Tampa FL but I have to say that wood floors are the trickiest to treat. Cleaning and treating the floor with a pet urine neutralizer is the first step on any pet urine removal job. Cleaning and removing the stains is the second step in the process. 

This video goes over using a pet urine neutralizer as the first step and then moves to cleaning out the urine stains.  The staining  in some cases might have already significantly damaged the wood. If you see buckling or warping of the wood then it's already too far gone.  It's time to pull up the damaged area and put in new boards. If there is no warping or buckling then you can start the process of removing the pet urine stains.  Keep in mind that during any step of the process everything could go sideways and  floor might have to be replaced. Pet urine deposits damage flooring once it has entered the grain it is most likely a permanent stain.  

Keep in mind before trying the solution in this video that you could make your situation worse. I have never tried this solution and the results could very greatly. I fully recommend calling a professional for an onsite investigation of the pet urine damage.  

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