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How To Remove Urine From A Wool Rug Tampa FL

This video on how to remove urine from a wool rug is about as close to a professional cleaning as you can get without calling a professional rug cleaner.  I tell all of my Tampa FL customers that if they have a small wet dry vacuum at home they can handle almost any small spill on their carpet or upholstery.  I guess I can now add wool area rugs to that list.  

The process shown in the How To Remove Pet Urine From a Wool Rug video is a great way to tackle a pet urine problem on a sensitive material like wool.  The four step process of applying a cleaner then rinsing, then adding a enzyme treatment, and rinsing again is a great way to get rid of pet urine stains and smells.  

The added step of applying Hydrogen Peroxide to the yellow stain is a good way of eliminating the spot after the fact. If you noticed there was no scrubbing or brushing on the rug.  There is no need to get aggressive and possibly damage the wool fibers.  This pet urine removal process is gentle and effective.  Be prepared to do it more than once to ensure you are removing any difficult urine spots.  If your not comfortable doing the cleaning yourself id might be a good time to call in a professional rug cleaner.

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