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How To Remove Urine From Carpet Tampa FL

I like this video because the carpet cleaner says there is no guarantee on pet urine removal. The majority of our customers call us to have urine stains removed from  their carpet and or upholstery. Here's the rub urine deposits are considered to be damage to soft surfaces.  Anytime urine contacts carpet or upholstery it literally damages it.  

So how do you remove urine from carpet? Most professional carpet cleaners will use an enzyme based treatment like the one shown in the video. They can be effective but they can also be thrown off by environmental and biological factors.  Simple put enzymes can be hit or miss.  In this video the carpet cleaner keeps making reference to the fact that the home owners are trying to make it better but they are aware that the carpet needs to be replaced. the truth is that is severs cases he is correct the best move to make on heavily damaged carpet is to replace it.  

Chem-Dry of Tampa FL uses a different method to remove urine from carpet.  We don't use an enzyme treatment. We use a very powerful urine neutralizer that destroys both odor molecules and urine staining within 24 hours of application.  It's an extremely effective urine treatment with a very high success rate  of 98 percent.

If you live in Tampa FL and have urine stains in your carpet give us a call for a free estimate.

Tampa FL urine removal from carpet.