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How to Clean Carpet Spills Tampa FL

You have to face facts sooner or later we are all going to spill something on our carpet. This video shows a neat trick of using a car washing mitt to act as a towel for quickly cleaning up spills.  As neat of a trick as this is I don't a have a microfiber car cleaning mitt in my house or garage, but I do have a microfiber towel or two in the house.  Microfiber towels are a great way to clean up carpet spills, but in most cases a regular bath or kitchen towel will do.

At my house in Tampa FL I have a lot of carpet.  I also have 5 kids and a dog.  There is always something being spilled on the carpet.  The faster you clean up a carpet spill the less time it has to penetrate the carpet fibers.  Just like the video says acting quickly to clean up spills is the best way to get them out. Quickly blotting the spot will get most of it out without having to use any kind of cleaning agent.  In most cases you can remove spills with a little water and a towel.  There is no need to mix anything fancy to remove carpet spills. 

Where this video does stray is the rubbing action they use to remove wine from the carpet.  I only recommend blotting to remove the spill. Aggressive rubbing can distort the carpet fibers and leave an unusual pattern.  I usually, clean the carpet by adding water and blotting until the spill is gone. If you can't remove it all it might be time to call a professional carpet cleaner.

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