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How to Clean Wood Floors Tampa FL

Down here in Tampa FL we are seeing more and more hard wood floors. Unfortunately most home owners don't know how to take care of their new wood floors.  This video from the Home Depot goes through the steps of cleaning and caring for your wood floors. 

Keep in mind wood is porous and moisture should be kept to a minimum so the wood does not absorb it into the grain. If your wood floor is not sealed then it can easily be damaged by too much moisture.  It's recommend that you dry clean it only, using a broom or a vacuum with the roller brush turned off.  Dry material, like dust and light soil, will come off fairly easily. If your seeing soil build up then you can use water on a mop that has been rung out very well.  

If your hardwood floor has a polyurethane finish, most do, then you can use a mild cleaning agent when needed.  We only recommend this when soil is present and should not be done weekly.  Use a cleaner that is formulated for sealed hardwood floors and avoid using vinegar and water as it's too acidic and can damage wood over time.  

This video covers the final steps of dealing with minor scratches and blemishes.  Treat them on an individual basis and with the proper scratch repair solution.  Be prepared at least once a year to add sealer to your wood floor to insure that is stays clean and damage free.

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