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How to Clean Your Area Rug in Tampa FL


A lot of people don't know how to properly clean their Area rugs. Most don't think of cleaning them at all.  Area rugs are different then carpet in both construction and care, but like carpet they do need regular cleaning.  Here are some important steps to ensure you are taking proper care of your area rugs:

Vacuum them regularly. Area rugs, especially wool area rugs should get monthly vacuuming. It's best not to vacuum the top side your area rug with a roller brush, instead only use the suction on your vacuum.  Don't stop there, you've only cleaned half the rug. Flip your area rug over and vacuum the backside as well.  You can use a roller brush on the backside of your area rug to ensure your cleaning it thoroughly.

Do not vacuum the tassels. The tassels on an area rug are delicate and don't need a lot of maintenance, vacuuming these could cause damage so they should be left alone, just fluff them by hand to ensure they stay in good shape.

Stay away from carpet shampoos and spot remover sprays. These cleaners are made for carpets and are not safe for use on wool area rugs. Cleaners with high PH levels can cause color migration and irreparably damage your area rug. If you must use a spot remove make sure it has a neutral PH (7) so it does not harm your rug in any way.

Clean up spills as soon as they happen. Speed is of the essence when it comes to accidents on area rugs.  Blot up spills quickly with a white cotton blend towel. Press gently to remove the excess moisture.  Do not rub or scrub the spill as it can make the spot larger or cause severe damage to the rug. If the spot has dried Flush the spot with warm water and gently blot with a white cotton blend towel.   

If your area rug needs more than vacuuming call a professional carpet cleaner who specializes in wool area rugs. Make sure they give you an onsite estimate and be prepared to ask them questions. Area rugs are an essential part of your home and décor, don’t forget to give them regular care.

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