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How to Deep Clean Carpet Tampa FL

As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I get asked all the time about carpet care and regular maintenance. I tell my customers all the time the best way to deep clean your carpet is to vacuum on a regular basis.  I recommend at least twice a week.  I also recommend investing in your vacuum cleaner.  Stay away from the big box store vacuum cleaners. They aren't built very well and are way over priced.  

I get a lot of customers who tell me they've gone out and spent a good amount of money and bought a great vacuum cleaner.  They then tell me they have a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  I always grimace and tell them that Dyson's do not have the power necessary to deep clean carpet.  I never get a good reaction when I say that.  Dyson's aren't very durable and although they don't lose suction they don't have a lot in the first place.  

I do recommend paying in the $400- $650 range for a quality vacuum cleaner, and I do have some recommendations. Check out these vacuums: Miele, SEBO,and Symplicity. Sorry Dyson, but for deep cleaning your carpets Dysons don't compare to these other vacuums in suction and durability. Every customer who has followed my recommendations on vacuums has been shocked by the difference a quality vacuum can make in your carpet cleaning regiment. 

All that being said about how to deep clean your carpet don't forget to get your carpet s professionally cleaned once a year.  Vacuuming is great but professional cleaning is necessary to keep your carpet as healthy as possible.

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