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How to Disinfect Carpet Naturally Tampa FL

If your carpet is feeling a little more than just dirty, or there has been a carpet spill that could be a good source for bacteria then you might be looking for a way to disinfect your carpet naturally.  Well, I've got good and bad news for you. We'll start of with some of the bad news first.  There is no way to disinfect carpet completely.  Even professional carpet cleaners cannot disinfect your carpet in a way that meets the standard definition for disinfecting. 

To disinfect something requires killing all biological material or organisms it contains. That would require complete and sustained submersion in a solution for an extended amount of time, approximately 2 hours or longer. Unfortunately while your carpet is installed in your home it is impossible to meet this standard without flooding your home.  

The good news is even though you can't disinfect your carpet, you can have it naturally sanitized to dramatically reduce the amount of biological organisms in your carpet.  If you live in Tampa FL you can have Chem-Dry of Tampa clean and sanitize your carpet with a completely natural sanitizer.  We use a green certified sanitizer that uses the natural power of Thyme essential oils. It has the natural power to  kill 99.9% of the biological contaminants in your carpet. It's such a powerful sanitizer that it even kills up to 89% of the air borne bacteria in your home, improving the overall air quality.  

Even though There is no effective way to disinfect your carpet naturally you can have a professional cleaning service come in and sanitize your carpet and make you home a healthier place to live.  

For carpet sanitizing in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.