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How to Eliminate Pet Odor Tampa FL

Let me just say that the cleaner in this video has no chance of removing pet odor from carpet. I'm a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I have reviewed many DIY pet odor eliminators. This particular concoction is not going to remove any urine from under the pad or the backing of the carpet.  

Hot to Eliminate Pet Odor:

Clean up any wet pet accidents as quickly as possible.  If you can clean it while it's wet you can remove about 90% of the urine before it dries. I recommend flushing the urine spot with cold carbonated water to remove about 97% of the urine from the carpet. Once it dries it becomes infinitely more difficult to remove.  I would recommend flushing with 4 cups of cold water and use and extractor to vacuum out the moisture.  A spot remover or wet dry vac will pull a lot of the moisture and urine out of the carpet.  

I"f you feel that has not done enough to eliminate the pet odor from the carpet mix 3 cups of water with 1 cup of vinegar.  Pour it on the spot and let it sit there for about 20 minutes.  Then extract to remove the moisture.  Repeat the steps again if you still smell urine instead of vinegar. If the odor persists its time to call a professional.  

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