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How to Eliminate Urine Odor Tampa FL

It seems so simple. Something gets spilled on the carpet and you clean it up. no problem. What if that something is urine? Problem is you clean it and clean it and doesn't come up. The visible stain might go away but the urine odor stays around. Some days it doesn't seem that bad, can't smell it at all. Other days it's horrible and over whelming.  

Urine crystals deposited in your carpet absorb moisture and and off gas ammonia. the more moisture the more it off gases. In Tampa FL we have some seriously humid days that can cause the urine odor to be over whelming. So how do you eliminate urine odor in your home? The first step is to try and clean it while it's wet. The faster you clean it up the less likely it is to smell. The second is don't use anything but water to clean it up, unless you have a specific cleaning solution designed to remove urine. In other words don't use a lot of the DIY urine cleaners you find online. I see all these how to eliminate urine odor remedies that don't work and can possibly make it worse.

If you're finding urine spots that have already dried then you are most likely not going to be able to remove the urine odor on your own. Once urine dries it crystallizes and becomes very difficult to remove.  I've come into customer's homes to find baking soda caked into the carpet because they have read that it eliminates urine odor. Baking soda is a good deodorizer but once it's removed the urine odor will return. The best thing you can do for dried urine spots in your carpet is call a professional carpet cleaner who specializes in urine removal. Fortunately if you live in Tampa FL you can call Chem-Dry of Tampa FL and we can give you a free in home estimate for our Pet Urine Removal Treatment.

To eliminate urine odor in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.