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How to Get Oil Out of Upholstery Tampa FL

Chem-Dry's World Famous Grease and Oil Remover is one of my favorite upholstery cleaners.  I use it almost daily on my job.  I clean upholstery in Tampa FL for Chem-Dry of Tampa. It works great on micro fiber or other polyester based upholstery.  It breaks down body oils and greasy messes with ease. The majority of upholstered furniture are covered in materials that have some polyester in them. Polyesters are great for all sorts of reasons but they stand out because they clean up well. Polyester has one draw back, it soaks up oils easily. 

In this video I cleaned an upholstered glider that is covered in a polyester based material. One of children, never determined who, decided to smear cocoa butter cream on the seat cushion. If you have ever tried to clean lotions or cream out of upholstery it's like throwing water on a grease fire. You're just going to make it worse. 

This video instructs you how to remove the oily greasy spills with a butter knife or spoon and then clean the rest with the World Famous Grease and Oil Remover. Using this upholstery cleaner is the easiest way to get oil out of upholstery. I've compared it to several DIY cleaners and some products you can buy at the store and it beats them with ease.  I've even used it to get a whole bottle of vegetable oil out of my living room carpet. 

If you live in Tampa FL and would like to get your hands on this amazing upholstery cleaner give us a call, we'll deliver it to you.

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