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How to Get Pet Urine Out of Carpet Tampa FL

Okay, sometimes I watch these carpet cleaning videos online and think these people just made this cleaner up by grabbing different products out of their bathroom and mixed it all together and poured it on the carpet.  This How to Get Pet Urine Out of Carpet video is one of those videos.  They seem to making some claims that are just simply not true and not smart at all.  Don't use 10 ounces of Hydrogen Peroxide on anything soft.  Peroxide is a bleaching agent and can easily destroy carpet and upholstery. They even suggest bathing your pet in this concoction. Would you bath your dog or cat in bleach? Please don't use this mixture on your pet.  It can damage their eyes and irritate their skin.  

As a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I can tell you that a small amount of Hydrogen peroxide 3% can be mixed with water to remove blood out of carpet effectively, but it wont work on pet urine.  The best thing you can use on pet urine is copious amounts of water, carbonated water is even better. If you find a fresh urine spot in your carpet flush it with about 3 cups of room temperature carbonated water. If you have a small wet/dry vacuum or carpet spot cleaning machine, you can use it to extract the water and urine from the carpet.  Don't bother using a spray bottle to remove urine. It wont get to the urine in the pad and you will still have a pet urine odor problem.

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