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How to Get Pudding Off of Upholstery Tampa FL

So you leave the room for a few minutes and your toddler gets up on your white sofa with a snack pack of pudding. The inevitable happens, the pudding finds it's way on to the sofa.  okay, it wasn't a toddler it was your husband, same difference.  So now your left trying to figure out how to get pudding off of your white upholstery.  

You have to act fast to get is obviously going to be a really dark stain on your furniture. Your first instinct is to get a towel and start to wipe the furniture at a furious pace. But what you need to do is scoop the pudding off with a spoon or a butter knife to remove as much pudding as possible without grinding it into the fabric. Gently nudge your butter knife under the glop of pudding and gently scoop it away.  There will be some pudding left on the sofa. Fortunately you decided to add protectant to your sofa last time you had it cleaned by Chem-Dry of Tampa FL. It should all come right off with the blotting of a towel.

Wait, You didn't have your sofa cleaned by Chem-Dry of Tampa FL? Well this should still save your upholstery.  Next take two cups of water and 5 drops of dish washing detergent and mix it in a bowl. Take a white terry cloth towel and dip it in the bowl. Gently blot the spot on the sofa with the towel to remove the rest of the pudding.  Don't rub or scrub the spot with the towel, just gently blot.  It will take longer but it will remove the pudding with a little patience. If the pudding still remains after a couple of tries its time to call a professional carpet cleaner.

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