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How to Get Urine Odor Out of Carpet Tampa FL

This Angie's List video showing how to get urine odor out of carpet starts off well bet falls flat with baking soda. This video about pet stains uses a three pronged approach to removing pet urine odor out of carpet. Using water vinegar and baking soda to remove urine and more importantly the urine odor are all good components.  As a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL I always tell my customers to use water and vinegar to clean up spills on carpet. I recommend equal parts of water and vinegar.  I recommend a lot more  then the 1 cup they mix in the video.  I suggest at least one cup of water and one cup of vinegar in a mixing bowl.

But let's go back to the first step, how to get urine odor out of carpet. Cleaning up the urine while it's wet is crucial for this to work if the urine has dried it has crystallized and it will take a lot more to remove it.  So if you find a wet urine spot in your carpet first clean it up with paper towels or a clean white towel.  Blot it up gently until there is no more liquid on the surface. Now take a fresh stake of paper towels or a new towel and place it on the urine spot and stand on it for about 30 seconds. This will help absorb it into the towel and not the carpet pad.

Mix your water and vinegar and pour it on the spot. Now here comes the hard part. You have to wait 30 seconds to a minute while the solution soaks into the carpet and starts to flush out the remaining urine.I know its difficult but you have to wait and let the solution work. After letting it sit take more paper towels or another clean towel and begin to blot up the water/vinegar solution until it is only slightly damp. Lastly, take more paper towels place it on the spot like before and stand on it for 30 seconds to get up the rest of the solution. If you still smell urine on the spot add more solution and blot and stand dry the area. continue to do this until you can not smell urine in the carpet.

You can skip the baking soda step in the video. Baking soda does absorb some odor but it wont have a measurable effect on the urine once it has been removed. Once the urine crystals get even the slightest bit of moisture they will start to smell again.  That's why you need to flush them out of the carpet before the urine dries and forms crystals. If you come across dry urine spots It's time to call in a professional to handle crystallized urine.

In Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa to get the urine odor out of your carpet.