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How to Make a Carpet Deodorizer Tampa FL

This video show's you how to make a carpet deodorizer fast and cheap.  At Chem-Dry of Tampa FL we like this DIY carpet deodorizer as a quick solution for musky dog odors in your carpet. The only thing we would suggest is to use a 16:1 mixture of water and liquid fabric softener. That's 2oz of fabric softener to 2 cups of water. Be careful not to over spray this solution as it can leave a residue if over sprayed.  If you don't have time to mix this solution you can always use a dryer sheet fabric softener as a substitute.  Take one dryer sheet and get it slightly damp. We suggest rigging it out until it no longer drips. Then rub the smelly area of your carpet with the damp dryer sheet. You will get the same results in half the time.  If you have a more severe odor issue with your carpet. Give us a call at Chem-Dry of Tampa FL at (813) 403-8403.