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How to Remove Cat Pee Tampa FL

This is a how to video on how to remove cat pee from a wooden floor.  As a professional pet urine removal specialist in Tampa FL, I see several videos a week on how to remove cat pee from all types of surfaces.  Very few of them have any real chance of removing cat pee because it damages most things it comes in contact with.  

This cat pee removal video is one of those examples of good intentions gone awry. The video's host suggests that because vinegar is acidic it will neutralize the cat pee.  Unfortunately, she is incorrect, acids do not neutralize urine crystals. In the video, she adds a little vinegar to a bucket of water. With the amount of water in ratio to the amount of vinegar added she did not lower the pH all that much.  Even if she had lowered the pH more it would not make any difference.  Besides wood floors are pH sensitive and should not be cleaned with an acidic cleaner.

So how do you remove cat pee from a wood floor? If you catch it right away you can clean it before the urine crystals form and it's very easy to clean with a paper towel and a damp sponge with room temperature water only.  Then wipe it with a dry tile and your good to go. There is no need to bring vinegar into it.

If cat pee is already dry follow the same instructions but repeat the process three times.  Pay attention to cracks, seams, or crevices and make sure you dry it really good.  

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