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How to Remove Cat Urine Odor Tampa FL

Okay I had to show this video so you know that this is NOT how to remove cat urine odor. This is video advocates using bleach and water to remove cat urine smells from carpet. I have a been a carpet cleaner in Tampa FL for years and I always tell my customers the only thing worse then urine in the carpet is bleach. 

This video informs us that because most carpets are colorfast they are okay to use bleach on. That's not even close to the truth. Colorfast means that fibers have been prepared so they will not bleed or fade when water is applied to them.  That does not mean that they are bleach safe. I realize that they are using a small amount of bleach in a large amount of water, but it's still bleach. Bleach is designed to remove color from soft surfaces and should never be applied to carpet.  

So how do you remove cat urine odor? The best way to urine in carpet is to flush it with as much water as possible. The more water you can apply the more urine you will wash out. I suggest using a small wet vac or spot remover vac and 2 -3 gallons of water to remove cat urine odors from carpet.  Pour water on the spot where the odors is coming from and then suck it out with vacuum.  Don't use vinegar or heat. Both can set the urine stain and make the odor worse. If there is still a smell to the cat urine spot then you can try mixing some baking soda in with the water to help remove the cat urine crystals that are in the carpet.  If you are still have cat urine odor in your home it's time to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

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