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How to Remove Oil Stains From Upholstery Tampa FL

This is a video instructing you how to remove oil stains from upholstery that Chem-Dry of Tampa FL released several years ago. The product being used is called Chem-Dry's World Famous Grease and Oil Remover. It's a commercial strength stain remover that tackles and eliminates tough grease and oil messes in carpet and upholstery. I have used this product on hundreds of sofas and carpets. It effectively strips away oils that cannot be removed with water based cleaners.  

The best example of how to remove oil stains from upholstery is in this video. The white glop of goo on that chair is diaper rash cream that my two youngest children decided to smear all over our glider.  Fortunately I was able to grab my phone and bottle of World Famous Grease and Oil Remover.  As you can see in the video removing the excess cream was easy enough but getting rid of the residual lotion required a few applications of the stain remover.  

It was recently brought to my attention by a recent viewer that there was still a stain on the upholstery at the end of the video. I acknowledged that the glider was still wet from the cleaning and there was still a dark patch where the solution had not dried yet.  Fortunately, when it did dry all of the diaper cream was gone. I should have taken a video of it the next day.  Then a again I'm a professional cleaner not a film maker.  

For professional help removing stains from upholstery in Tampa FL call Chem-Dry of Tampa.