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How to Remove Oil from Carpet Tampa FL

As you're moving from your apartment to your new digs you move your favorite recliner only to find a oil stain on the carpet.  Oh great, what are you going to do now.  How do you remove oil from carpet anyway? Well the good news is that you're not left holding the bag on this one.  There is a really good way to remove oil from carpet.  Even better it's pretty simple.  

How to remove oil from carpet, Tampa FL-

You'll need:

A mixing bowl

32oz Carbonated water (4 cups)

1/2 tbsp Dish washing soap

3 towels



1) Mix the carbonated water and and dish soap in the bowel and stir gently

2) Dip a towel in the cleaning mixture

3) Blot the oil spot with the cleaning towel, getting it good and wet.

4) Leave it for about 30 seconds (believe it or not this part is crucial).

5) Blot the area with a clean dry towel to remove the oil from the carpet.

6) Continue to alternate the cleaning towel and the drying towel until the oil is all gone.

The dish soap will break down the oil and the carbonated water will lift it to the surface so it can be removed with the drying towel.  Once the drying towel gets too wet switch to a new dry towel.  Be patient and be prepared to do this several times until the oil is removed.  If you no longer see oil transferring to your drying towel it's time to call in a professional carpet cleaner.

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