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How to Remove Pet Urine Odors Tampa FL

This video from Angies List  shows you how to remove pet urine odors in your home. They show you how to make a quick cleaning solution of vinegar and water followed by a sprinkle of baking soda  to remove residual odors. As a professional carpet in upholstery cleaner in Tampa FL I remove pet urine odors on a daily basis. I used to recommend a similar home remedy to remove pet odors, but now I know better.

Vinegar is the wrong move here. It can actually help set the urine odors and make them more difficult to remove.  The thought behind adding vinegar to clean urine is that the lower pH will help neutralize the slightly higher pH urine.  Here's the problem pet urine does not have a higher pH until it dries. It starts out with a neutral pH and then goes higher as it dries. Lower pH acids help hold things together where alkaline solutions help break things down.  So, using an acidic solution to clean the fresh urine deposit can only help set the stain and not remove it. 

So how do you remove pet urine odors.  Your best bet is to clean it while it's fresh.  Blot it with a towel and then pour room temperature water on the spot, about 2 cups worth. This saturates the urine diluting it and making it more difficult to form urine crystals. Then take another towel and blot up the water and urine.  It might take a couple of towels to get it all but persistence pays off here.  When you think you've got it all place a clean dry towel on the spot and stand on it for a minute or two.  this will help remove the rest of the water and urine. If you still have a urine odor problem it's time to call a professional in your area.

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