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How to Remove Pet Urine from Carpet Tampa FL


So your Fur baby had and accident and your freaking out because you don't want your home to smell like a port-a-potty. Don't worry I'm a professional carpet cleaner in Tampa FL and I'm going to tell you how to remove pet urine from carpet.

Step One: Soak up as much urine as possible. Grab a clean white towel or a stack of paper towels and blot up the urine. Use a lot of downward pressure when blotting and keep using a clean dry spot on the towel or more paper towels. Blot the urine up for at least one full minute before moving to the next step.

Step Two: Rinse the carpet to remove the urine. Using water, and only water, no vinegar, no ammonia, no baking soda, just water. Anything you add to the water could help set urine in the carpet and make it harder to remove. The one exception to this rule is carbonation. You can use carbonated water, it's more effective at removing the urine from the carpet.  Pour about one cup of room temperature water on the effected area. Wait 30 seconds and then start to blot the area again with a clean white terry towel or a stack of paper towels. The key here is to remove as much moisture as possible.  I always finish this step by standing directly on the towel for 1 minute after soaking up most of the moisture.

Step Three: Rinse and repeat.  Repeat the second step with more water and clean towels.

Step Four (optional): speed dry it with a hair dryer.

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